Sandford Orchards

Deep in the rugged heartlands of Devon, where the ground is a vivid red soil; crisscrossed by ancient orchards and bound by its own microclimate, is Sandford Orchards. They only select apples grown within 30 miles of their press and they only ever make cider from naturally fermented, freshly pressed juice. No concentrates, no artificial flavours or aromas. Good cider needs time to develop and every bottle of Sandford Orchards is blended from cider matured between 6 months and 3 years, to develop the rich, smooth complexity that makes their cider special.

Every drop of Sandford Orchards cider is made by them. From the beginning, their aim has been simple; to produce top quality ciders from the finest Devon cider apples, like generations of Crediton cider makers before them. It’s how they did it in 2002 and how they always will. “Proudly. True to our Roots”. (Sandford Orchards Website, Jan 2020)

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