For nearly forty years Dunkertons have been making premium organic cider and perry crafted in artisan spirit and vision. Using distinctive flavoured cider apples and perry pears they hand-blend the juices using skills and techniques lost over time to the advances and pressures of mass production.

2018 saw Dunkertons celebrate their 30th anniversary of being Soil Association certified as both a grower and a producer across their entire range – no other cider producer in the UK has their organic legacy. The Soil Association organic values remain at the heart of their cider making. The orchards are nurtured and over the years new trees have been planted acting as sanctuaries for wildlife. “The ecosystem has thrived; owls’ nest, bees buzz, and hedgehogs snuffle through the undergrowth.” (Website Jan 2020). Organic methods involve using lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers.

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